New Products: ASensor And YuePixels

ASensor – a BLE beacon with multiple advertising data formats. YuePixels WiFi LED Driver – YuePixels是运用最新的WiFi技术的LED控制器。我们可以方便的在电脑或手机上播放音乐,控制WS2812灯串随着音乐律动显示频谱。

安卓版 AprilBeacon 2.0 使用说明

全新 android 版 AprilBeacon 2.0 版本已经发布了,2.0版本较之前的版本有了重大的改进。 这次改进的地方主要体现在以下几方面 全新的界面设计和颜色搭配,更加的流畅和快捷 更加轻便、合理的模块架构 加入筛选功能,可以方便地找到自己想要的beacon

Firmware ZeroBeacon V2.1 available

The ZeroBeacon V2.1 can work as iBeacon receiver / scanner. Please refer the wiki for more information. ChangeLog for V2.1 Response “\r\n” at the line end for AT commands Fix a bug for configure iBeacon proximityUUID Add AT commands for scan iBeacon

New Product: BlueDuino Rev2 available

The BlueDuino Rev2 is an Arduino compatible microcontroller development board based on the ATmega32U4 IC with BLE, built in. Just plug in the board and your ready to start programming! It’s the easiest way to get BLE in your project! Buy it on tindie.

How to change the serial port for Cactus Micro

Cactus Micro communication with ESP8266 with SoftwareSerial port (RX: 11, TX: 12) default. We can change it to the hardware serial port Serial1. Prepare tools A knife A Solder Soldering the jumper Step1. Cut the jumper in the red square Step2. Soldering the jumper to other side You’re done. Now the Cactus Micro communicate with…

New products: A CP2102 USB to UART converter support ESP8266

We have some little new products this week! USB To UART converter Supports ESP8266 A CP2102 3.3V USBToUART converter support 400mA+ current. Good for upload firmware for esp8266. Tiny Double Side Thru-Hole Prototype PCB Board The Prototype PCB Board for Pro Micro / Arduino Pro Mini / Cactus Micro allows easy prototyping using through-hole components.…

New Product: TinyESP ESP8266 Breadboard Adapter

TinyESP is a tiny size breadboard adapter for ESP-12/ESP-07 ESP8266 WiFi module. It contains a 3.3V voltage LDO, a Reset button and a flash jumper. Please refer the link for more information. Why did you make it? ESP8266 is an inexpensive serial-to-wifi tranceiver chip that can be used to connect any microcontroller with a serial…