NRF52810 ABSensor N01

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NRF52810 acceleration sensor iBeacon

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AprilBeacon is one of the most commonly used beacons. Supporting both iBeacon and Eddystone. Battery level can be shown in the advertising data or via a BLE GATT connection.

While this beacon has both iOS and Android configuration apps, the iOS app is easier to use and is more functional. If you are setting up Eddystone-URL (for Android notifications) and you consider yourself to be non-technical then you will need use of an iOS device for setup.

ABSensor N01


  • Support both iBeacon and Eddystone
  • Configurable including UUID, major, minor and TX power etc
  • Upgrade Over-The-Air supported.
  • Power supply by CR2032 Battery 230~ mAh (replaceable).
  • Dimensions: Height 33mm, Width 33mm, Depth 10mm
  • Signal range 3m – 60m.
  • Embedded acceleration sensor
  • One LED and one button
  • One hole for leash/strip
  • Advertise 1st UUID when still, advertise 2nd UUID when move
  • BLE micro controller NRF52810

For bulk order, please contact us for discount. or skype: aprilbeacon or wechat: 13661293819


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