New Push on/off available iBeacon/Eddystone tag EEK-N20

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IP67 waterproof, push on/off broadcasting Eddystone Ibeacon EEK-N20 Ble Base Station

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IP67 NRF52820 Eddystone Ibeacon EEK-N20 Support for IOS and Android Ble Base Station

As a modern and intelligent IoT device, April Beacon EEK-N20 is a tag type BLE beacon for real-time asset and people tracking . Without internet limit, It takes BLE radio advertising and intelligent receiver to locate and track people and assets as they move from place to place.

April Beacon EEK-N20 is featured as 3 years working life optimized with 1 piece of coin battery.  Random for CR2477 or CR2450 battery holder.

Push on/off sign is not available in the actual device.





Asset Locating



ABS Plastic Housing

Turn on/off



White & Custom Colors

Waterproof IP67


Form Factor 

Standalone Beacon

iBeacon (IOS7.0+)



42mm x 42mm x 16mm

Eddystone (ANDROID 4.3+)

 √  UID/URL/TLM Unencrypted


21g including battery

One Button To Reset 


Power Source

CR2450 x 1/ CR2477 x 1

OTA Firmware Updates


Battery Life

3 Years

Encrypted Firmware Updates


Recommended Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C

(Battery Limit)

Second UUID broadcasting


Micro Controller

Nordic Semiconductor nRF52820

Custom Housing Option



SDK  Download 


Ble  Specification

Ble 4.0+

UUID,Major,Minor Custom Settings 



2.402GHz – 2.480GHz

Default Setting

Transmit Power

4 to -40dBm With 9 Options

Device Name

 abeacon_xxxx,(PS:”xxxx” are last 2 bytes of mac address)

Receiver Sensitivity


Advertising Interval



PCB Antenna

Proximity UUID





Proximity Detection, Line of Sight

 Up to 100m


 last 2 bytes of mac address

Normal Operation


Advertising Type



Protect your beacon from environmental threats ​Tough ABS Plastic Housing protects it against environmental punishment, impact.

Mounting Flexibility 

Mount in unconventional spaces ​3M adhensive sticker make it easy to mount the April Beacon EEK-N wherever you need them.

Ble 4.0 Low Energy

Ble 4.0 Low Energy ​It adopts Ble 4.0 Low Energy technology, and there would be lower power consumption at rest.

iBeacon + Eddystone Supported

Don’t limit yourself to either Eddystone or iBeacon ​Easy to switch back and forth between iBeacon & Eddystone with our Apps;

Battery Long Service Life

Equipped with replaceable CR2450 /CR2477 battery

the April Beacon EEK-N can last a minimum of 3 years on standard settings (Interval 700ms, Tx Power=0dBm).

Replace Batteries With Ease

Replace batteries with ease ​If by anychance you need to replace the battery, just pop it open and replace it whithin seconds

Product Compliance 

To Meet Your Market Requirements.

iBeacon,  ISO9001,CE,FCC

Powerful Coverage 

Powerful Coverage with PCB AntennaThe built-in omni directional antenna allows signals to reach distances of up to 100 meters.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 18 mm


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