CE, FCC available Road stud beacon

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April BLE Beacon Road Stud can be fixed on the floor for locating and real-time asset and people tracking.

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BLE 4.0 iBeacon waterproof road stud beacon For outdoor deployment

 As a modern and intelligent IoT device, April BLE Beacon Road Stud can be fixed on the floor for locating and real-time asset and people tracking. Without internet limit, It takes BLE radio advertising and intelligent receiver to locate and track people and assets as they move from place to place.

April Beacon Road Stud can be deployed on both indoor and outdoor environments,it is featured with a tough housing that can against 10 Tons strength of external impact, and endures 5 years of service life.

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Construction  Features 
Model  Road Stud Asset Locating  √  
Material   PC Plastic House Custom Adervertising  √  
Color  Yellow Long Battery Life   √  
Protection IP-67 Tough Housing   
Form Factor   Standalone Beacon iBeacon (IOS7.0+)  √  
Dimensions  107mm x 97mm x 20mm Eddystone (ANDRIOD 4.3+)  √  UID/URL/TLM Unencrypted
Weight   145g including battery (98g without) OTA Firmware Updates  √  
Power Source  5# AA Battery x 2 (Not included) Encrypted Firmware Updates   √  
Battery Life  5 Years Encrypted Settings Updates  √  
Recommended Operating Temperature  -20°C to +60°C

(Alkaline Battery Limit)

Custom Housing Option  √  
Micro Controller  Nordic Semiconductor nRF52810 SDK  Download   √  
Connectivity  UUID,Major,Minor Custom Settings  √  
Specification  BLE    
Frequency  2.402GHz – 2.480GHz  Default Setting  
Transmit Power  4 to -20dBm With 9 Options Device Name  abeacon_xxxx,(PS:”xxxx” are last 2 bytes of mac address)
Receiver Sensitivity  -96dBm Advertising Interval  700ms 
Antenna  PCB Antenna Proximity UUID  B5B182C7-EAB1-4988-AA99-B5C1517008D9
 Range  Major  1 
Proximity Detection, Line of Sight  Up to 100m Minor  last 2 bytes of mac address 
Normal Operation  30m Advertising Type  iBeacon



  • iBeacon/Eddystone/tag receiver for location tracking
  • Building automation
  • Cycling, biking
  • Location tracking
  • Access management
  • Advertisement
  • Industrial automation
  • Indoor Location
  • Meeting sign in
  • Check in
  • Parking & Checking in
  • Home automation

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