Clearance Long Range 200M BLE 4.0 210L iBeacon & Eddystone compatible


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Long distance 200m more ibeacon BLE 4.0 beacon base station

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AprilBeacon 210L with a coin battery, default TX power is 10dBm。Affect distance is about 200m more.

Product Description

-iBeacon Certified – All features of iBeacon supported.

-Support Eddystone UID, Eddystone URL

  • Based on TI’s CC2541 + CC2590, stronger signal.

-Size (mm): 40* 40 * 15

-ProximityUUID/major/minor/advertising interval configuable

-Maintenance Cost and Maximum battery life

-Battery life is 2 months on default setting.

-CR2450 coin cell battery

-Distance is more than 200m with default TX power 10dBm

-Programmable proximity UUID, major, minor, measured power



1 Q: What is the difference between using Apple SDK and April Brother’s SDK ? Is there any additional functionality on your SDK?

A:April Brother’s SDK provide some function for configure the April Beacon.

For example:

proximityUUID major minor


Otherwise it’s same with Apple SDK.

2 Q: Can I get SDK for Android and iOS?

A: Yes, we can give you SDK for both Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0.

3 Q: Can I have our own logo and in what kind of way?

A: Sure. We can have your logo engraved or printed on your case and also we can put customized sticker on it. Besides, we can customize case based on your requirement if you send us your detailed requirement of your case.

4 Q: Where can I download or air upgrade firmware or device?

A: We will provide you the link for it .

5.Q:Would you also be able to make custom housing for the circuits?

A: Yes, we do custom housing for the circuits as well as the custom iBeacon with logo on the pcb.

6.Q: Do you have any other products that can be used in conjuction with the iBeacon technology?

A: We are developing an sensor with temperature, 3-Axis acceleromete, Lighting. It support iBeacon technology too.

7 Q: Are the products compatible with Andriod apps too?

A: It compatible with Android 4.3 or above. The phone must support Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready.

Additional information

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2 reviews for Clearance Long Range 200M BLE 4.0 210L iBeacon & Eddystone compatible

  1. Pradipta Chowdhury

    I cant pair with my mobile.What is the default pairing password?

  2. zheng zeyi

    It is no need to pairing, you can use our Aprbeacon App to connect, default password is AprilBrother.

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